Desperados, the world’s first tequila flavored beer, wants to reach people age 18-24,

who are always seeking out new ways to express their identity through creative means.

They're the generation that believes in leaving an impact on society, so, who better than

them to get behind an experience with a worthwhile cause?  To help VocaliD in its goal of

making personalized, synthetic voices for those unable to speak on their own, Desperados

created outLOUD -- the first music event made from donated voices, to create the

night's remixed songs playlist and give a voice to those who don’t have one.




Gold Creativity International Award 



Case Study


Weeks before the event, we’ll place mini recording studios around the city.

Once inside, you can choose your favorite song, read some of the lyrics,

and then invite friends through Facebook. Those friends will be sent to

VocaliD & Desperados’ dedicated site to record more lines and finish the song.

Once your friends have participated and every song lyric is recorded,

your group will receive tickets to this one-of-a-kind event.



Street Installation / Activation



Microsite (Step by Step)