Barbie is one of the most iconic and influential toys of all time. It also has long known criticism

that its dolls encourage unrealistic body ideals, gradually disconnecting from the audience.

In time, Barbie has evolved to try and represent what girls really see. Matter of fact, in 2016 Mattel

created three new body types with a broader range of skin tones, eye colors and hairstyles.

We believe there should be millions of different, unique Barbies. One, for every girl and boy in the world.

That's why we created  ‘I AM _______’, a project by Mattel that gives shape to your next Barbie so it will look like you.




Case Study




The 3D technology

Using the most advanced 3D printers by Carbon3D, we will build a customized, resistant and flexible doll,
in just a couple of hours.  And this is possible because Carbon3D used the “digital light synthesis” technology,
which  wasn’t accessible until 2014,  is 100 times faster than the other 3D printers, which can only create prototypes.
Carbon3D employs high-performance materials to create customized, resistant and flexible objects.




The Demostration





The Doll Packaging





The Project's Logo


Because every boy and girl is like no other, and everything is possible when you embrace who you are.


Art Director: Vrasidas Golemis | Art Director: Andrea Erali